Red Alert - PCE cards out

  1. Check your mail the PCE cards have gone out. I got mine today! I wish I really really wanted something but will get a gift for my husband.
  2. IF anyone is not going to end up using theirs, please let me know! I don't think I'm getting one in the mail and I'm planning to purchase 2 totes! I would be soooo greatful!
  3. wow... I hope I get a card or the nice SA's call me!

    congrats to those who have gotten one thus far
  4. I haven't gotten one yet! I hope I get one toamrrow. Not like I can really buy anything. But I do need a new wallet...

    I just bought an LV Beverly MM so that kinda puts me out...
  5. Ditto!! If nobody is going to use theres I am buying quite a few things. I am not sure if I will receive one or not.
  6. After all I've bought from Coach in the past few months...if I don't get one, I'm going to be kind of upset. I'm on a ban, so if I get one I will probably end up sharing it, but at this point it's the principle of the thing.
  7. Wait, you got mail on black friday? I didn't think they delivered mail today -- I didn't get a thing.

    I hope I get one! I want to get DH's mother a gift for xmas. I didn't buy anything at the last PCE, so there's a chance I won't get one isn't there?
  8. When's this month's PCE??
  9. 12/1-12/9 I believe
  10. Me, too, if anyone is willing to part with their PCE card, please consider me. Inspite of the purchases I have made this year, it seems I've been forgotten.:crybaby:I had to resort to purchasing one from E-bay last month.
  11. I hope I get one this time around, I want 2 duffles and a scarf.

    An SA told me in September that if you got an invite/call previously, you'd definitely get one the next time around. Is that really true?
  12. me, too! There is something that I really must get this time around...I got one last time...but didn't get on for Dec. yet...I do so hope I get one this time too! I better go check the mail again and make sure I didn't miss anything in the junk mail pile!
    Hope everyone who wants one, gets one too!
  13. Did not get anything today, maybe tomorrow.
  14. I've had one the last couple times so the bar is set, my friends ;). If I don't get one this time around I'm gonna be totally bummed, LOL.
  15. I really hope I get one. I never have before but If I do I will share:flowers:

    If I don't get one will someone share with me?