RED 2.55 Flap Bag - does it come in CAVIAR?

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  1. Hi ladies, does anyone know if this Red 2.55 Jumbo Flap bag comes in CAVIAR leather? The one that Mary Kate is carrying below seems like lambskin to me (please correct me if I'm wrong!) it available in caviar in that bright shade of red? Also, this is the jumbo that correct?

  2. hehe- ot but she looks kinda like SJP in that pic! As far as the bag, I have no clue.
  3. Try calling the boutiques and ask =) that would be gorgeous!
  4. That's a hot bag! :love: It would be nice if it was in caviar - if you find out, let us know :nuts:
  5. Can you even still get this color in lambskin? If so, please tell me where!! I've been told that all but black in the jumbo is sold out at the Chanel boutiques.
  6. Help anyone-has any one seen this anywhere?
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