red 05 vs red 06 pics

  1. I was looking for the perfect red and was asking about colors recently. I ended up with both the red 05 and red 06 paddys. The 05 is more of a blood red or blue red while the 06 is more tomatoe red or exactly like the 06 rouge vif Balenciaga (someone noted this but I forget who). Anyway I am keeping the 05 as I prefer the blue red, and the calf leather (which seems very similar to the 06). But also, the bag is used and broken in, which I really like:smile:
    redpaddyx2.jpg redpaddysside.jpg redpaddystop.jpg
  2. Oh wow - they are stunning! Congratulations. Yup - nothing beats an 05 chloe! Thanks so much for sharing! (My new sable will be on show soon too!)
  3. Wow, nice to see them side by side (sorry the 06 didn't work for you!! :crybaby:)

    In the pics the 05 looks more tomatoey and the 06 looks more blue :shrugs:
  4. Both are beautiful! I'm glad you like the '05!
  5. Which is the 05 and which is the 06?
  6. and you are selling her .... :crybaby:

    Hope she'd get adopted soon:flowers:
  7. The one on the left is nicer :biggrin: i'm not sure if thats 05 or 06!

    congrats on such a rare find :biggrin:
  8. Both are beautiful!
  9. Great comparison pics! :heart:

    Both are lovely but I think you made the right choice keeping the 05 red :yes:
  10. THe one on the left is the 06 which Aloharag is selling.
  11. Thanks for the comparison pics, very interesting!
  12. Wow! Gorgeous!
  13. Definitely prefer the blue red and the leather of the '05, too (on the right):

  14. ^I think the leather on the 06 is actually just as nice. The 05 is used so its broken in and slouches more. But the 06 has the thick, smooshy, pebbly leather that my whiskey had!