Red 05' First Ebay

  1. i know that seller. she is great.
  2. That color is so pretty!! That would be my next most wanted color for a Bbag but I want the city!!!
  3. I would love that color in a Hobo
  4. Don't they have a rouge hobo at Bal NY? They did last week.
  5. ^^ They did yesterday, according to the email they sent me.
  6. did they still have the ice blue or sky blue?
  7. They had a 'lt blue' I think - I'm guessing its ice blue.
  8. Oooo! I hope someone buys this!
    I just won 6883541197 on Ebay (same bag).
  9. beautiful first~!
  10. They are two totally seperate colors. I am sure the rouille is beautiful!! :yes:
  11. thanks giggles178, i can always count on you to help support my bad habit i'm wondering if i need them both???

    p.s. operative word = NEED