1. Does anyone know if you can recycle LV bags (the paper one's not the actually bags!)

    I'm trying to reclaim my junkroom as a second bedroom/office and I have just counted 37 paper bags & envelopes in there I feel pretty bad just throwing them out but I don't want them.

    Are recycling things funny about what types of paper they can recycle because I recall years ago they wouldn't take coloured paper or waxy/glossy paper do you know if it's possible as these are very thick and brown as you all know?

    I feel bad because it's a pretty big pile....maybe I sign I shop too much??*gasp* NEVER
  2. I put all my LV shopping bags/boxes into recycling bin and the garbage men took it with the rest of the paper/cardboard stuff. I think you should be OK.
  3. thanks Irene now all I have to do if find a paper recycling thing and wait for them to pop up on eBay next week LOL!
  4. Any time! Why don't you just sell them on eBay as a lot of shopping bags?:idea: I know some people on here have done it.
  5. Ditto! :yes: I'd just put them up on eBay as a set. There's a market for everything ...
  6. I've sold past one's on ebay but they only went to a couple of £'s and the bidders where a PITA (To be honest), in the end it didn't realy warrant the effort, also I figured most people would be buying them to put them with fake bags and con people
  7. hi claire, does your council collect your recycling?
    my council does and they take the bags if you remove the handles. or most supermarkets have cardboard recycling units that you can put them in.
  8. Funny enough the streets around me have recycling collections but not mine maybe I could sneek out in the middle of the night and slip them in :ninja: I've got a supermarket nearby so I'll check that out thanks for the advice Cherrypie
  9. I've found that they are really appreciated by my friends who can't quite fit an LV purse into their budget, espcially the smaller ones that can be used to carry lunch to work.
  10. Is there anyway you can offer them to people here on the site? I remember one member had all her dustbags and boxes accidentally thrown out when she was moving. . .
  11. Sure if anyone wants them and is willing to pay postage they can have them I don't want anything for them just out of my house is good enough for me, PM if you want any
  12. Hi...I do not know it you can recycle them, but all shopping bags that my family acumulates are put behind the trash can, and we use them to bring things wherever we food to a barbeque...just a though
  13. Why not just gather them up and return them to the store? they may thank you?