Recuperating Shopping Therapy??LOL!

  1. So....Im on first week after surgery(new "girls" on board..Claudia named them COCO and Chanel for me..ROFL!)

    Im BORED.Cant drive.Posting like a Biotch on the PF ALL DAY...LOL....

    I got like an entire new wardobe ordered online...HEEHEE

    THEN....The hottest bag I ever wanted crossed my path(I posted pics in the shoppin forum)..I was supposed to pick up the camel expandable tomorrow.NOT.Jill discovered the POWDER PINK EXPANDABLE thanks to Christine at NM!!!!!!!!!!!ROFL..OMG..HOLY BAGASM!ITs SO HOT!
    oh and I ordered the baby animal black thong flip flops too...

    SO..OUT with the camel and in with the pink expandable!WOOHOO!She is MINE!Only NM has it..I never even knew it was out in this color.Ive been lookin for the perfect pink bag!:drool:

    Tomorrow Doulos is drivin me to Saks..where we shall do friends and family damage...etc...LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Jill is on painkillers! :roflmfao:

    and btw, which one is Coco and which one is Chanel?
    PIC COURSTESY OF OUR AWESOME PF SA CHRISTINE FROM NM.....she is responsible for my credit card imploding..LOL
  5. is it the photographs coloring, or does the bottom of the bag look yellowish?

    I will visit christine saturday and check it out in person.
  6. The bag isnt yellow..just the pics....
  7. MMMMMMMMMMM that bag is yummy!!! congrats on the girls, show us dammit!!!! lol.
  8. Percocet???Want some??ROFL..Jokin...(they are all mine this week..LOL);)

    ummm....the twins dont care which is coco and which is chanel...LOL....:roflmfao:
  9. congrats! very pretty bag.
  10. That bag is soooooooo hot!!!

    Jill - If you don't mind me asking, what are you recouping from?
  11. congrats jill! on coco and chanel and miss pink expandable...all are bodacious.....:p
  12. Oh MY.
    That bag is HOT.
  13. ummm..Coco and Chanel are my newest ...body parts....roflmao........(BOOBS)
  14. Wait! I think I finally get it!! New girls on board! I guess I was too busy staring at the bag to notice the sentences....Congrats!
  15. That is gorgeous!! I normally don't favor pink bags but this is truly a gorgeous hue!!! Congrats!!! Sounds like your'e feeling better...Dying to pm you but your mailbox prob has to be emptied every soon!! Can't wait to see that bag modeled!! When are you getting her?!? !!! Do you have your eye on anything in particular at Saks?!?!