Rectangular mini: lose interior

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  1. Hello friends,

    I picked this up yesterday and noticed the interior when I got home. What do you think? Normal or acceptable?

    I swapped this bag from a RM chevron and its base was not like this.

  2. Looks fine to me but if your not happy with it go exchange it. I believe Chanel only allow 2 exchanges then they might refuse, decide carefully if you do choose to exchange !
  3. Yeah I read somewhere that chanel doesn‘t glue down their lining and some of them look a bit more „loose“. To me it looks fine.
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  4. Normal, my new mini is the same - they do not glue down the lining.
  5. Wouldn’t bother me, mine doesn’t look much different, maybe a tad tighter. If you love the way the bag looks on the outside and it has good features (leather, quilting, etc) then I’d hold on to it
  6. Excellent. Thanks for the responses. Will keep.
    I stuffed it with paper overnight and it already looks better.
  7. My mini also looks the same
  8. Not acceptable in my opinion.