(Rectangular) Ferragamo Gancio Calfskin Satchel

  1. Hi, I have seen a few Gancio bags on this forum but does anyone have the rectangular version of the Gancio as shown? I am thinking it would make a good document/laptop bag... any opinions welcomed.
    NMV8084_mp.jpg NMV8084_ap.jpg
  2. I'm not familiar with this particular bag, but I am a fan of Ferragamo in general (I've got three of their bags). I think they design great elegant, ladylike, classic styles--plus they're really well made and relatively "affordable," considering that some other big-name bags go for upwards of $2,000 these days. Until a year or two ago, I kind of considered Ferragamo an "old lady's" brand, if you know what I mean. But then they came out with the really popular "Marisa" bag (which I own) and lots of other hipper/younger styles, and I think a lot of people started paying attention. Good luck with your decision.
  3. I love Ferragamo bags! I think they would make a good document bag. I like both color.
  4. They are both gorgeous!
  5. i'm bumping this because i saw the smaller version on sale today.. i didn;t get it coz only the white was on sale, but i did have a long look at it and carassed it for a few minutes! and i think i am in love! the black one is full price at abt £600 and i am really tempted!!!! i would love to hear your opinions! thanks so much!
  6. I love both of them, and I am not fond of white bags in general....
  7. very cute. Ferragamo makes great quality bags. I'd vote for anything but white, though. I like white bags, but I just don't think it's that practical if you're toting it around as a main work bag
  8. Now this is my kind of bag - I love them both, but am very realistic when it comes to my (in)ability to manage a cream or white bag, especially if I was looking to put a laptop in it which implies pretty regular use. For me, I'd try to eke out the full cost of the black because the lighter colours would be a false economy. Anyway, gorgeous design - do let us know what you decide - I love this vicarious shopping!
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