Recs on brands/designers to check out for a black leather flap bag w/black hardware?

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  1. My ideal black bag with black hardware is the medium YSl Loulou. However, I plan to get a Chanel jumbo in black w/gold hardware next year, so I'd really rather not spend an additional $2000 on the YSL since they are fairly similar (both are about the same size and are black leather flap shoulder bags with chain straps).

    I am really lusting after a black bag with black hardware though, and I've been into flap bags lately. I was considering the Rebecca Minkoff Edie, but I've heard her leather quality isn't great anymore and that her black hardware chips like crazy. I also think it is a bit TOO much like the YSL Loulou...I love the Loulou, but if I'm not getting it, I don't really want a bag that looks like it but isn't. I have no problem with inspired by bag, but for me, I've found that if I get an inspired by bag that is too close to the original, it just makes me want the original even more.

    Anyway, any thoughts on where or who I can look to for a black leather bag with black hardware, medium to large-ish size, ideally with a flap? TIA!

    And for reference, the YSL Loulou:
    Rebecca Minkoff Edie:
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  2. If the Lou Lou is your ideal bag, you should get it!

    Do you love the Jumbo? Honestly it sounds like you love the ysl more...
  3. I do like how different it is from the Loulou and Chanel! It's one to keep in mind if I can find it - thanks!

    I actually love this! I just wish it was leather. I'll have to see if I can find one to check out in-person.

    I do love the Jumbo! It's been my dream bag for years, and next year, I will finally be finished paying my student loans so it will be my reward to myself. The YSL is my ideal black bag with black hardware, but the Chanel is my ideal bag overall. Still I really do love the YSL and haven't completely written if off yet, despite my plans to buy the Jumbo...
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    Yeah, I saw after I posted that it’s not leather. Hmmm Let me know if you see it in person
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  5. For some reason, I’m really stuck on a leather bag, and I’m not sure it’ll scratch the itch if it’s not leather. It is so so pretty though!
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  6. I completely understand.

  7. YSL lou lou with blackware is very different than Chanel Jumbo. Nothing wrong with owning two black flap bags! But if you are trying to save money to buy Jumbo then I’ll wait before any other major purchases. :tup:
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    Lol, so so tempting! And honestly, I haven't completely ruled it out...but, the responsible part of me feel like I should find an alternative (and ideally lower cost) option.

    I'm open to dark gunmetal if is super dark, lol. Unfortunately I'm not in love with the patent, but thank you for bringing this option to my attention!

    Right now, I'm considering the Coach Parker or a Ferragamo. I think both are wonderful. The Ferragamo is slightly more to my liking, but I wish it was a tad bigger. The Coach (which looks better IRL pics I've seen than the website photo) is a better size and wallet-friendlier price point, but I'm not sure if I love the clasp and I wish it didn't have the middle zippered compartment. So, still contemplating between these and would love thoughts/opinions. Also still very open to other options!

    Coach Parker:
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  10. My go to brands for dark gunmetal hardware are Bottega and Coach 1941, both have flap bags, just not sure if the hardware is dark enough for your liking
  11. N
    Not sure if quilting is a must, but, if not, I got this from TJ Maxx:

    Flap bag, black hardware.
  12. I was going to reccomend the Parker. I like everything but the Clasp is a little tricky to open, not as easy as the non-C version. It is a great looking bag.

    There is a plain Akris one too.
    The gunmetal on mine is really dark. It is also mostly leather lined, which I prefer.

    I also like the Ferragamo but Iike slimmer bags. I have been ponderjng that for a while.
  13. Stella McCartney Falabella. Black on black. Gorgeous!