Recs Needed-A protein shake that's not gross

  1. Should be in the health food area or the protein/carb bar area of your local supermarket. WalFart has them too, but if you want to get the fancy ones, yes, GNC and mail order.

    Honestly, unless you're just into eating super clean or into competitive fitness, the stuff WalMart/Target sells will be fine. Like Dom said, just watch the cals/carbs.
  2. Thanks, Charles.
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    I tried two types of protein powders that are available at Costco however both did not taste very good.

    I now use "IsoFemme" - chocolate flavour. Its relatively low in sugar/carbs and it tastes very good. I dont need to add anything else to it for flavour.

    The only disadvantage is that it is fairly expensive. It comes in a 416 g jar and no bulk or economy size is available. According to research I have done online, its meant for women.
  4. Yeah I get mine from the supermarket like Charles says. I just check out the protein grams and look for the one with the least carbs and the most protein. Avoid the ones that say "mass-gaining" cos those are usually the high-carb ones. You want the pure whey protein with Splenda/low-carb sweetener.

    FWIW: I've tried soy protein instead of whey, and OMG. Stomach cramps, bloating, the most fabulous gas ever (lol), plus it tastes like actual chalk dust. Whey is much more palatable and easier on the stomach IMO. Having said that, I am of European descent so I find dairy products much easier to digest.
  5. Soy...eeesh! Fart city!
  6. Ok I'm going to be honest. I've tried so many I can't count. I know a lot of people like em but I have not found 1 brand that I liked where I can drink an entire glass

    I make my own shakes (not protein) with skim milk, a small amount of low-fat chocolate milk and fruit. Its not vitamin and protein packed like a protein drink, but I just can't bring myself to drink that stuff. Sorry! Maybe you'll have better luck.
  7. I can't stand the taste of whey and no matter what I cover it up with I can still taste it!
  8. Yeah i hated the taste of those whey protein powder. Taste like puke to me !

    i have been using . I like the Fruit Blast because at least you can chug it down your throat without throwing up. So far i tried the mango but it taste alright but not bad / just a little bland with a fruity taste
  9. I guess I've gotten used to it, but I drink the powder with water only. Tastes good to me!

    Admittedly, it tastes better with milk, but I def don't have any problems with it. Have you guys tried the Body Fortress or GNC brands??
  10. Dusting off this thread...

    I recently started making green smoothies but they are not at all filling unless, of course, they have some protein in them. Today I bought unflavoured Whey Protein powder that has 25g protein and only 2g carbs per scoop. I had two smoothies today and I was satisfied for about 2 - 2.5 hours, which is normal for me as I eat something every few hours anyway.
  11. I saw in other thread u used magic bullet do they come out thick?
  12. Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein in Chocolate Coconut is THE BEST!!!!! Mixes easy and isn't chunky and tastes great. You can even add in half a banana to mix it up a bit :smile:
  13. I use the dymatize elite chocolate too! It's bada**!
  14. I like Designer Whey protein in Vanilla. I mix it with water in a shaker bottle. You can find Designer Whey at Trader Joes.

    Some tips: (1) Let is "soak" overnight. I don't know what happens, but I mix it in the shaker bottle and let it sit overnight in the fridge it helps with the texture (no sandy feeling). (2) I add fiber powder to it to increase my fiber intake. (3) I use Sugar-Free, Zero Calorie coffee syrups to change up the taste. This adds no more calories and the chocolate flavor syrup is better than the chocolate powder flavor. I have a lot of these syrups in Rasberry, Carmel, Almond Rocca, Vanilla (for extra Vanilla flavor), and of course Chocolate. You can get the coffee syrups at the grocery store or a Smart & Final. (4) Drink them really cold, sometimes I blend the shake with ice to make a mock-frap or I just add ice to keep it very cold. (5) I also like to make the shakes with cold coffee.

    I have heard that if you use a Vanilla flavor powder, you can use Orange Juice instead of water or milk to make a Creamsicle. I haven't tried that yet, but it sounds good.
  15. Chocolate Shakeology. Takes like a freaking milkshake. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a coach. It truly is delicous. Wish I could say the same for the other 2 flavors though.