Rec's for thick strappy sandals w/stacked heel??


Mar 7, 2007
Hi ladies! This is my first very-own-thread on tpf. Eeps!

Anyways, I am in love with a new style shoe that I've seen in some Spring-issue magazines. It's a thick leather wraparound style, with a big stacked heel. It looks awesome and I can imagine all the possibilities!

Except, I'm on a limited budget (Been at a temp job for 7 months now), and need something comfy. I have huge honkin feet as well..size 10...with a high arch.

Can anyone help recommend a similar shoe to me? Preferably around $50 but I might end up spending more if the shoe is super hot..

Link for the ideal style but the price is too much for me:,B000VYRN6Y,B000Z894G8,B000WS3OU8,B0011ZRPWY