recs for high heeled boots??

  1. I have a pair of knee high stuart weitzman and as fabulous as they look, they are soo painful. The heels are about 3 1/2 I think. Anyway, any suggestions for high heeled boots that are actually comfy? preferably in leather. Thanks!
  2. IMO, there are two reasons why shoes/boots with heels can be uncomfortable.

    1) Because the shoe doesn't fit (too small, too narrow, instep not right, etc.). In this case, you need to find a style or brand that fits your foot, and the height of the heel does not impact how they fit your foot.

    2) Because of the slope of the heel, i.e standing on yout tiptoes (3", 4" 5", etc). In this case, a shoe can fit your foot, but if the heel is too high for your comfort, then it doesn't really matter how well the shoe fits, does it?

    As for finding a high heeled boot that is comfortable, I am guessing that you mean a boot that fits your foot independent of heel height. Right? Because a 3.5" heel is a 3.5" heel regardless of brand.

    I love many of Stuart Weitzman styles (ESPECIALLY boots), but my experience is SW runs narrow and is not comfortable for my feet. However, I do have one pair that are my all time favorites.

    I would consider brands that are not quite as designer, but nonetheless offer many cute and sexy styles of boots and tend to be more comfortable for the masses than many designer styles. Nine West, Charles Davis, BCBGirls all have a great selection of boots with heels that may possibly fit your foot better. Worth a try.
  3. My mom just got a pair of Nine West boots with the softest leather ever, I can't even believe they are Nine West, they feel so luxurious, like nappa leather gloves. Anyways, they are leather, high heel (about 3.5 inches), patent leather toe, super comfy. They have that Chanel look to them. Best of all, she scored them for around $80. I tried them on and they are too big in the calves. If you don't have skinny calves, I highly recommend them. I am seriously jealous of anyone who fits in them.
  4. Also, if it's the slope that's bothering you, try one with a small platform at the front so the heel doesn't feel as high.
  5. thanks for the recs

    chinadoll: yup i think that's what I need, coz the stuart weitzman i have don't really hurt in terms of narrowness(dont know if that's a word) coz I have narrow feet, but I think it's the slope.

    Any recs for high heeled boots with a platform in the front?thanks
  6. i just bought a pair of dries van noten boots from last season's (fall/winter 2007) collection. they have concealed platform which makes the height very comfortable.