Recs for AHA exfoliating toner to use before serums for better penetration?

  1. Hi girls, I am looking for an exfoliating/renewing toner with AHA that I can use on a daily basis after cleansing. I do gentle lactic acid peels or DIY yogurt masks from time to time. But I want to try something that I can use every night, before applying my serums and moisturizers, in hope that it'll help with penetration.

    I'm specifically looking for something in a toner/liquid form. I know there are tons of lotions or light moisturizers out there with AHA added in. But I don't like that because I want to apply serums after it, and those lotions/moisturizers have a thicker consistence and are oil based most of the time, so any serums applied after will decrease its potency.

    Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  2. I know Silk Naturals makes one. I have never tried it, but Silk Naturals has quite a loyal following for their skincare products. Glycolix makes toner pads soaked in AHA, too. Again, I haven't tried it personally, but have been happy with other products in their line.
  3. I use a few by Paula's choice (bha lotion and aha weekly treatment) and have found them to be very effective. The price is good too.