Recs for a shoulder bag?

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  1. Hi ladies. I'm looking for something I can wear on my shoulder. These are the everyday LV bags I already have and use:

    Mono petite bucket
    Damier Papillon 26
    Vernis Houston
    Mono Mini Josephine

    I'm thinking about the Batignolles Horizontal, but mono isn't my favorite. Anything else I should be considering? Maybe the Hampstead MM - does it fit over the shoulder?

  2. I'd go with the BH....seems like a popular shoulder bag on here!
  3. definately BH
  4. What about the Neverfull? Or are you looking for something smaller?
  5. i go for a BH or a BV.
  6. I'd say in order

    1. Hampstead MM: yes it does fit over the shoulder

    2. Vernis Houston

    3. BH
  7. why don't you go for the new montorgueil bag thats coming out in march? i think the bag looks very versatile and great when worn. im on the WL for one myself. keke
  8. BH is the BEST!!
  9. Since you are not a fan of mono, my suggestion would be the damier hamstead mm. I have and love this bag. :yes:
  10. palermo, neverfull, neocabby
  11. Check out the new Montorgueil. It looks like it will sit well on the shoulder.
  12. epi petit noe
    damier saleya
  13. Trevi
    Mahina XS
    neo cabby
  14. if mono is not your favourite ... maybe damier saleya? Hampstead looks nice too.
  15. I recommend a Suhali Le Talenteuex. I have one in plum, and I love it. I like that you don't see it all over the place like you do with the mono bags. You don't see knockoffs either.