Recs for a reasonably priced burgundy/wine bag?

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  1. I've been craving a deep red wine or burgundy bag for some time now, but can't find the perfect color/style. I had been thinking about a Balenciaga in Grenat or Bordeaux, but I don't want to worry about the handles to darkening.

    I would like the hardware to be on the muted side. Brass, silver or gold, it doesn't matter. Price range is up to $1K, although I'd like to keep it around $500. Satchels and hobos are my preference, but I'll consider anything as long as it's not too huge.

    But really I just want to see some pictures of pretty burgundy colors, regardless of price/shape/hardware! :drool:

    The color of this Miu Miu is great.

    Yummy Bordeau Balenciaga Twiggy:
  2. I have this Linea Pelle Aubergine Angie Speedy and the slightly distressed leather is a gorgeous color, and super thick and squishy. It has double straps, and a long optional detachable strap also. Don't know if it is your style, but I thought I would post it just in case. It is on sale on the website now (they call it Aubergine Purple on their site, but the color is more of a deep burgundy; mine does not look purple). I love mine! It is not huge, but holds tons of stuff!
    Good luck with your quest!

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  3. Wine Nikki bag.It's on for $600 and on back-order till end of May. It was the same one seen on Lauren from the Hills
  4. A friend of mine has a Charles David bag in "Beet" which is a very close color to my Bordeaux Balenciaga. It is a really cute bag, actually and has antiqued hardware (of course it's not as nice as some we are discussing, but gotta love the $228 price):love:
    I agree that wine is a great color! I feel like it is the perfect neutral...I have yet to find something my bbag doesn't go with :smile: Keep us posted!
  5. How about a Rebecca Minkoff, maybe a MAM or Matinee?
  6. This bag is way, way below your price range:

    I have it in wine; I purchased it at Lord & Taylor in the Fall. I was not familiar with the brand but once I touched the leather, I was hooked. It's very light weight and comfortable to carry over the shoulder.

    Since it's a hobo, it can be a bottomless pit but I easily solve that with my chameleon insert (which I use in nearly all my bags).

    I'm going to use her today since it's been a while.

    Good luck with your search!!
  7. I LOVE a wine handbag, it is my favorite all time color! I wear mine with all but true red.

  8. Tano has some bags in wine/port. You can check out or Luna Boston.

    This color is called "porcelain rose" (haven't seen the color IRL, so can't comment on it):

    And I agree about the Rebecca Minkoff (they have a color called wine):
  9. I know the feeling, i've been lusting for a deep wine/burgundy bag for awhile now!
    did u take a look at the D'Angel Tia Tote in burgundy?? i've been considering it for awhile now, but it's pretty expensive (for me at least) $500!!! The only thing is, it's python!!!

    Check it out:
  10. I love my Shih Cody bag in prugna:


    And my Modus Rio in wine patent:


    And a Tocca I've had for awhile and still consider a fave:

  11. I'd recommend a Rebecca Minkoff MA or MAM. They'd both be under $600 and are great bags :yes:
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions girls! Keep 'em coming! :flowers:

    And woooooweeeee what a pretty color Rondafaye!
  13. :nuts:
    I love that Miu Miu!!!! *drool*
    I agree with the other RM recs.

  14. Thanks! This bag is one of my all-time favorites. I love the strap and it's one of the few that actually stays put on my shoulders.