Recs for a good neutral eyeshadow?

  1. I want something to cover my whole lid area, so that when I emphasize my eyes with mascara and liner, but don't want to wear coloured shadow, my eye isn't naked. Does that make sense? I want something fairly neutral and natural, not too glittery or shimmery. Any ideas?
  2. My shadow for this purpose is Stila Eden. No shimmer, just a matte pinkish-beige color that is perfect for what you are describing.
  3. The Bobbi Brown stonewashed pallet is amazing with a range of colours you could use, particularly the bone shade which is perfect as a quick cover. It is limited edition though, so you may need to be quick!
  4. stila chinois and kitten are good for this too. chinois is matte, kitten has a shimmer. chinois is described as "white" on but it's creamy colored. also like chantecaille sesame.
  5. Thanks for all those suggestions girls, I'm checking them all out!
  6. Check out ID Bare Minerals line of eyeshadows--- they make TONS of neutral shades, many of them not too shimmery. Plus they are not harsh to use on your eyes and last a long time.
  7. I don't wear eyeshadow much, but I have this smashbox one in a colour called champagne. It's a bit more on the golden shimmery side, but if you apply it with a light hand I believe it'll still be a good neutral for anyone. I love it!
  8. Try Everyday Minerals as well...they have a great selection.
  9. I use Lorac Persuasion.
  10. Did you have any luck?

    I'm also lookin for a great neutral eye shadow. I tend to wear Stila Kitten at night, so for daytime I'd rather a matte eye
  11. Smashbox's Vapor is great as a along eyeshadow or as a base for smoke eyes.
  12. Right now I am using a Bare Minerals color for a base, it is called Soul.
  13. I've ordered the Nars 'All About Eve', so we'll see how that goes!
  14. Not yet, but to be honest I haven't really made much of an effort. Work and a college course have taken priority and finances are a bit tight. I might go with the everyday minerals and order some samples, or just look for a cheaper drug store brand. I'll post back if/when I find what I'm looking for! Thank for all the suggestions x