recs for a crossbody/long strap bag? r/o/p

  1. i just LOVE penelope's bag here...but no way i can afford $1000+ prada...any other alternatives? around $400 or less, preferably

  2. The Kenneth Cole Jetstream Camera bag or Travel Tote. This one is the camera bag...the travel tote (the one I have) is bigger. LOVE it! The camera bag is on sale for $99 and the tote is $149 - call 1800KENCOLE to order it (but be prepared for a long phone hold time). I don't know if they have any left but when I called last week, they had one black camera bag (not sure about the others). Good luck! :smile:

  3. That's a great looking bag on Penelope.
    Also like the look of the Ken Cole...
  4. How about a hand-stitched satchel - one you won't see a lot of people carrying? Satchelman posts on here and is not allowed to post about his own bags but I shall post about it (not getting any commission from him :smile:):

    Not sure if it's the style you're after but still ...

  5. I love that Kenneth Cole bag but I can't find it. Anywhere else it's on sale?
  6. You have to call their customer service number (1800KENCOLE) and they will try to locate it for you. I was not able to find it anywhere else. I've attached a picture of my travel tote (which is bigger), just so you can see it up close! :tup: Here are the links to both bags on Nordstrom (although neither are available, at least you can see more pictures and get dimensions). I hope this helps!! Oh - original prices were $400-$500, so being on sale for $99 and $149 is a great deal! :smile:

    jetstream.JPG jetstream2.JPG
  7. wow...what a great deal for the kenneth cole! thanks!
  8. I am desperately looking for a Kenneth Cole jetstream bag - either black (ideally) or tan, camera size or tote. Is the tote size too big to wear as a purse? Any pics of people with it on?
  9. J Crew has something similar