Recs for a bluish-grey Chanel

  1. Well, my Noir Paddington has left the nest. I will miss the bag only because the color was fabulous with jeans, which I live in. I'd like to find a Chanel in a similar color.

    Any recommendations? I don't want another classic flap right now or a reissue. The grey leather Coco Cabas is too large and I prefer a blue-ish hue to the color.

    Attached are pics of the Noir Paddy for color reference purposes. TIA!
    NoirFront2.JPG NoirBack.JPG
  2. The outdoor collection black has a bluish tint to it -- HTH!!
  3. I love my brown Outdoor Tote! I was thinking about the Flap style... thought it was more charcoal black than blue-black.

    Navy or royal might work too. I know I've seen pics of tote style bags in those colors. The Grand Shopper perhaps?
  4. There's a navy in the Grand Shopper and it's TDF!!! It's super duper HTF though :sad: but who doesn't love a challenge!? LOL!
  5. Roey is always up for a challenge! She has no life and therefore is able to spend a lot of time on the phone. :biggrin:

    Hardware color? Price??
  6. silver and $1650 last time I saw one!:heart:

    go get 'em Ro! LOL!
  7. Chanel in SH Mall has the outdoor messenger (football) style in blue. NM SH said they are getting it in too. I think my outdoor flap is still more charcoal than blue. The blue football looks like a dark royal blue. Very pretty. If I am there this week I will try to take a pic through the window and send it to you.
  8. ^I think Shannon has one at my NM too.
  9. Thanks Jenn, I'd like to see a pic of the blue. I remember when I was ordering my brown Outdoor tote over the phone, as the s/a was going through the boxes she said, "Oh, wait, that's the blue one..." while she was looking for the brown. I am thinking the flap style in blue would be a great choice - casual yet classy, perfect with denim. I don't know if NM ordered the flap though, and that's where my Noir credit is sitting.
  10. Well they make a black outdoor that is a bluish black and a blue outdoor. The black is closer to the color of your paddy - HTH!!
  11. I think the diamond stitch black also has a bluish tint to it. Love the tote bag.:yes: