Recruit Hobo or Waverly Hobo

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  1. Hi there. I am looking for a black leather shoulder bag that can go to work or play, and I've narrowed it down to these two (Waverly on top, Recruit on bottom). Help me decide, without considering the price difference. I already own the Recruit Hobo in Shadow (gray) and the Waverly Hobo in Camel (light tan). Both bags have trouble standing up when placed on a flat surface (the Waverly has lobster clasp hardware on the bottom, and the Recruit is narrow enough from front to back that it falls over easily). This bugs me a little, but it's an issue with either bag so it doesn't favor one over the other. Which would you choose and why? 7845597.jpg 7888912.jpg
  2. I'd choose the Recruit. It has more style, with the curved top and the clips on the handle, and I also prefer the proportions. The Waverly looks more casual to me, like a book bag or laptop carrier.
  3. Thank you! I went with your recommendation and I'm happy with it :smile:
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  4. Glad to hear it! It's a sharp-looking bag and I'm sure it looks great on you.