Food Recreational cooking classes

Encore Hermes

Aug 6, 2007
villa di como
I've been thinking of taking classes on pastry/balking. Anyone in the LA area know of anything or experiences? Thanks!
I didn't take baking but I took an amateur multi week course at Epicurian several years ago and really enjoyed it. I think that they moved to a new location since I went so I don't know what the kitchen layout is. The instructor was nice and they gave out a detailed recipe and demonstrated technique before we started. User friendly, nice staff. Chef plus a helper we could ask questions while we were working. Sorry I don't remember how many people in the class.

I also took a couple sauce classes at Chef's Inc. and it was good, same procedure with the demonstration one chef and no helper for the class but the sauce class was smaller.

I went to these years ago so the programs might have changed.

I took a one day class at le cordon bleu in Pasadena and it was fun but more intense. They didn't mess around, just quick told us how to do it briefly going into technique (if you blinked you could miss some of the steps) and then turned us loose. We were running around bumping into each other, insane but really fun:lol:


On The Hunt
Dec 22, 2009
I teach childrens lessons here in NJ, but have heard great things about the LCBs day classes - they are pretty serious and I've heard them compared to a day in the actual program.