Recovered, and now thinking of yet another bag

  1. OK, now that I'm no longer reeling from the loss of *ahem* my lilac Epi Jasmin, here's a new dilemma. The day I got my Perle Vernis Bedford, which was just 2 weeks ago :angel:, I started thinking about the Marshmallow Bedford too. That and the perle are my favorite colors in the Vernis line; I'm just not a fan of the bright colors. And as much as I'd love to have something in each color, would it be practical to have two Bedfords? I haven't even used my perle one yet, but I just :love::love::love: the marshmallow color!
  2. ok, something happened and there are double threads :huh:

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    sorry for the confusion! :shame:
  3. I think it is okay. I love :love: :love: :love: marshmallow colour, too. So, if you think you will get most use of it, then I'll say go for it. Or if you just like the colour but doesn't care about the type of the bag, then you can always think of a different style of bag in marshmallow colour. :P
  4. Hi sandra, check out your other thread regarding the epi jasmin. I responded there, can you move it to this one?
  5. I've sent you a PM! This time if you like it, don't show everyone hehehe
  6. hmm, they might be too similar in color? Since one is white and one is light pink and both can only be used in the summer!
  7. I think both may be too similar in color. I saw an old marshmellow vernis in the LV store a few months ago and it was not "desirable" at all. The baby pink looked "used". I love the perle one as it really pops. i I think one bedford should suffice.
  8. Ya, I think one bedford should be enough too especially when the colors are too close to each other. Thought you're getting the manhattan GM lady??!!
  9. I've got the marshmallow bedford and it's so cute... but with time it does change a bit yellow so now it's like yellowish pink... I'm so sad and it's in my closet ever since... my SA said vernis leather does have problems with yellowing especially light colors... my Red reade, eldridge wallet, and ludlow is still perfect till now... for me no more light colors vernis... :cry:
  10. i love pink, but not the bright shades. that's why i like the marshmallow color, because it's so sweet.

    i've heard of that happening, but under what circumstances does it turn yellow?

    are they really that close :huh:? and i don't know about the Manhattan GM yet, because i'd have to see it on myself before i decide, same with the Priscilla.
  11. I just got my bedford (I'm planning on taking it out for a ride this weekend. It's finally not raining). If you feel like you're going to use both bedfords, there is no reason not to have both. It's not overkill. Many people have different colors of the same bag all the time. If you love it, go for it. If not, try to find another vernis piece you can get in Marshmallow.
  12. Personallly, I tend to stay away from bags that are the same shape but dif. color. The only exceptions are my mono mizi/mizi vienna and pochettes. But if you LOVE the bag so much and will get lots of use out of it, WHY NOT?
  13. i've heard of that happening, but under what circumstances does it turn yellow?

    I did ask that question to my SA, the store manager, plus many other SA's here at different stores just to get different opinions...and they all said the same thing... there is nothing I can do about it... all light color vernis will turn darker in a yellowish shade with time... it has to do with the shiny coating they coat the patent calf leather with... my SA whisper to me that they normally wouldn't keep light vernis in stock for fear of it turning yellow... (hope this helps... oh by the way, we got the same name... hihihi)
  14. but your Speedy bags are the same shape and different color :lol:
  15. If you love it and know that you will use it, get it!