Recourse for a listing that's been removed

  1. I purchased a purse on eBay on Jan. 1 and received it on Jan. 7. After close inspection, it doesn't appear to be authentic as advertised. I'm also concerned about the quality of the purse (real or not real). The zipper is pulling from the seam. So I emailed the seller last night requesting a full refund, per her emailed 100% money back guarantee. Today, I received an email from eBay stating that the listing has been pulled and that I'm not obligated to purchase the item I am bidding on. My question: I've already bid on and purchased it but have requested a refund from the buyer. I've emailed eBay asking what I need to do to get my money back. Any thoughts? I'm fairly new to the ebay game. Thanks in advance!! Kind of stressing here.... :confused1:
  2. File a SNAD with paypal and make sure you are very specific as to why the quality of the bag is poor. Start the narrative with the fact that ebay removed the listing. You may only have one shot to tell paypal what is wrong so make sure you are specific.

    1. Listing was Removed by ebay.
    2. Zipper has pulled away.... and so on. If you have photobucket, take pictures and upload them to PB and put the link in your complaint.
  3. I received an email this evening from her agreeing to a refund. How do I handle getting my money before I send the purse back to her? I don't want to get in a bind of no money and no purse. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. You do not get $$$ back until you ship back the item and have the seller sign for it - return it wil delivery confirmation. Same thing happens in business. You don't get a refund from Penneys without giving them back the merchandise.
  5. Well I still think you should go through Paypal. She might get the item back and not refund. At least this way, if the money is still in her account, Paypal can hold it. It's just an extra measure to protect yourself. I hope everything works out :smile: