RECORD snow in DALLAS!!!

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  1. My North Texas friends, are you believing this!?
    I'll post pics later :yes: feel free to post any you have.
    We had the most snow on record:

  2. I know for our NE members a foot of snow is nothing, but it's major for cities in the South that don't have the infrastructure to handle snow like this. It pretty much shuts us down completely.
  3. Wow, I think you guys have more than we have in Toronto!
  4. we don't know what to do w/ ourselves, LOL!
  5. Aw suck it up! Jk :greengrin:
  6. yep, well, no choice but to!

    Just found out my in-laws, who are only about 10 mins away don't have power. Poor MIL can't catch a freakin' break, she just finished a hard year of chemo and is 3 treatments away from being done w/ radiation. Because of the snow yesterday and today - she now isn't done, her last 2 appt's are put off 'til next week now and she freezing! :sad:
    We have power but they can't get here, roads are like frozen ponds.
  7. oh my goodness... Dallas?! Wow! I can't even imagine. The weather this year is crazy. Crossing fingers that your in-laws power comes back on very soon Swanky. Warmest hugs and well wishes to MIL.
  8. Yeah its GORGEOUS....... we have a 6 and a half foot snowman in our front yard :lol: You heard DALLAS hahaha
  9. im so in cypress and we have nothing, nada, zilch...z-e-r-o. *sigh*
  10. Lucky! Here in my area in Wisconsin we are still like 12 inches below normal. Everyone is getting snowed on besides us. It's been a sad winter. :/
  11. I still just don't understand how Texas has more snow than Wyoming. You'd think Wyoming was in Florida for all the snow we've got.

    Hope your MIL is ok Swanky. :hugs:
  12. Yet my office thinks we can all get there at 10 am...uh huh, I can't even back out of my driveway!
  13. one of my friends recently moved from Minneapolis to Dallas to get away from the snow!! lol~ she's probably not liking this at all.
  14. Swanky, didn't you guys have a record-setting snowfall on Christmas eve, too? You guys are breaking records all over the place this winter! And I agree that snow of that magnitude is a much bigger deal in Dallas than in Detroit; there just aren't the tools to deal with it in the South.

    I am in the midwest, and we not only missed out on the Christmas eve snow (had rain instead), but we only had about 7" during this last round. Small beans compared to out East and even Texas! The whole world is turning upside down when Dallas gets snow for Christmas and the midwest gets rain!
  15. I know right!?

    No, the Christmas snow wasn't nearly record breaking :nogood: It was the first "white Christmas" in a long time though - 1st since we've been here!