Record price for a red diamond...

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  1. wow...I love that!!
  2. red diamonds are stunning beyond words in reality but i agree the setting is well.. not to my taste lol. thanks for posting
  3. wow... **whistle
    that's pretty pretty bling!
  4. thanks for posting
  5. Wow, didn't even know red existed for diamonds. I would change the setting as well though.
  6. I didn't know you could get red diamonds, wonder if it is much different to a ruby? I love that setting, so pretty!
  7. So beautiful!!!
  8. Wow I've never seen a red diamond before! Thanks for the link, that's so cool. I thought what with them being so rare it might cost even more than that. Not that I have $2 million to spare for one but you get what I mean. I think the settings ok, it wouldn't be my first choice, but I wouldn't complain if someone handed me one either!
  9. I'd never even heard of a red diamond before! Gosh, that's pretty!
  10. 2 point what million?
    Holy smokes... soooo dreamy sigh. better wake up!

    Thanks for posting!
  11. I was going to buy it and have it re-set,then I woke up! Its an amazing color and so rare too!!!
  12. i love the color.
  13. our family jewlers just set a red diamond for some lucky ladies engagement ring....and omg was it BEATIFUL!!!!! :smile:
  14. yes it sure is the fire of a diamond is unparalleled. place a red diamond next to a fine ruby ad you´ll see it immediately.