Record breaking Birkin!!!

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  1. That is one beautiful bag and just the tiniest amount outside my price range...(I wish!) First thought was whomever buys it won't likely carry it and the article said the same thing. Just seems sad to own something so lovely and never take it out for a spin on the dance floor.
  2. Wow! This is a piece of art within itself. We know that it will most likely never be carried, but it's nice to see something so beautiful
  3. i think it will still be carried...but only to specific events/galas. people wear much more expensive pieces of jewelry out to formal galas/important events so i think the buyer would still carry it. just probably not carry it often as galas don't happen everyday. so maybe carry it once or twice a year.
  4. Happy to see this. It will keep our Birkin values up!
  5. If I owned this, it would certainly be carried. Or, at the very least, it would be on display in my home. Why buy it just to leave it in a box?
  6. Just for investment mainly. Like beanie babies and Barbie, if they are out of the box or the packaging is missing, they are devalued.
  7. ^^Is there a beanie baby in a box that is considered an investment these days?
  8. :lol:
  9. exactly! someone with probably at least a few million dollars if not more probably bought it. to them, it is like a car or boat...they would use it. i see pictures online of Kim k, victoria beckam, Kwan Chi-Lam, and some regular wealthy people carrying their himalayan Birkins. although US$300,000 is expensive for a bag, it is not expensive compared to watches and jewelry, boats, cars...etc.
  10. the second christie's bag auction just ended and a b25 himalaya niloticus crocodile w/18k white gold and diamond hardware was auctioned at ~US$215k (i included 25% commission on hammer price). compared that to a b25 himalaya n.c. with palladium hardware sold at ~us$100k (also included 25% buyer commission).

    everything else was pretty standard prices...
  11. I am not fan of those auctions so called breaking records prices.
    One does not know what a buyer's motivation might be to put their money in such a purchase.

    Seller got roughly 210 000$ from that sale, so Its nothing like a good investment, compared to retail price of that bag.
  12. Yes to that last sentence and you and I know that there are a lot more Himalayas out there than H wants us to know about. ;)
  13. I personally would be too scared to carry this bag, a bag can not be as durable as piece of jewelry or watch, that can be easily cleaned and looked after,
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