Recontre Ocean scarf help.........

  1. :shrugs:
  2. Seriously?! Wow, that's one I actually have.
  3. is it rare? or limited edition???
  4. :shrugs: Got me. I just bought it when it came out because I loved it (like all my other scarves).
  5. a) it's pretty!?
    b) it's Hermes!?
    c) somebody wants it BAD!!!!!
  6. I was wondering the same thing; I have noticed that the RO scarves have been going for a pretty penny these days.
  7. It's a very popular scarf among scarfies. That's what I gather.
  8. I guess somebody really wants it!!
    Maybe for a Valentine's gift?
  9. You can never second guess anything!!!
  10. That scarf really IS gorgeous though!!
  11. Recontre Ocean is one of the most desired scarves, if not THE most desired scarves right now. Scarfies all over the world are hoping for a reissue and while there isn't any in sight, are willing to pay big bucks (strangely enough not really for the Finesse versions of this scarf, they always go pretty low).

    So, if you have this scarf and don't wear it much and need to make some money for a bag, you may want to consider selling it!
  12. I'd LOVE to have this one in the black or lime colorway. One of my holy grails. GF, the lucky dog, has a collection of these.
  13. This year there have been various eBay auctions at ridiculous prices, eg the current one for the RO or the cobalt Lumieres de paris at $1400, go figure
    RO is a nice scarf but really..... I guess that I am a little hard hearted
  14. ^Yes, I know that one :confused1: ... but bidder did not close the deal?

    ETA: I'm referring to Lumieres