Recontre Ocean..............oiy vey.....

  1. Am I EVER going to be able to buy a Recontre Ocean for less than $1,000.00 any time in my lifetime?!?!?!?! This CENTURY??????


    Anyone else feel that this design just needs to be re-issued? Or am I the only one on the planet without one.....:shrugs:
  2. OMG D...I swear you never read my posts - LMAO!!

    There is a plan to re-issue it, they just haven't committed to when.....bloody French.....
  3. Dunno. Maybe Muffin should get off the couch and find you one!
  4. GRAND FONDS!!!!!!!

    O-M-G!!!!!!!! Your new avatar is the best!!! I love Eloise!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. By the way, you haven't even hit 9100 yet......come on, girl!
  6. The amazing thing is just last year, certain colorways like lavender, apricot and marigold were still selling at or below retail on eBay, but now even those colorways seem to have soared. I hope that GF's information from H is correct, although if I truly believed it, I would divest myself of some of my RO scarves now and reap the financial rewards. But gosh, they are just so very hard to say good-bye to.
  7. J - I am ADDICTED to the Plaza, ever since NY!!!!!!!!!!

    I suddenly need EVERYTHING I can get my hands on, including an apartment (dream on, says DH....)....

    What could be better? Views of Central Park and Bergdorf's NEXT DOOR?????????????????

    I wish I had been there for when the sold all the internal things......

    Anyway, sorry for the Hijack, want the peach one? I could be tempted to sell........LOL!!
  8. I will be beyond last right behind you because I don't have one and I'm not paying 1000.
  9. Well, I have it on H letterhead committment to when, though. And the letter STRESSES it is NOT a common thing to re-issue a design, like they've never done it before - LOL!
  10. ^^ Maggie, like you really. The only sure thing that is going to happen is that you are going to buy every c/w of the new issue, if there is a new issue. :p
  11. You know what annoys me? I'm suddenly VERY into the finesse RO's, and they've all disappeared from eBay........?
  12. Didn't you quote "soon" at some point as to the date of re-issue? I could have dreamt that up entirely, of course.
  13. Okay I had just a little too much vino this evening and it does not appear that English is my first language
  14. Oh MAN! My dream is to have an aparment in the Plaza (top floor please), high tea every afternoon at the Carlyle, an empty credit card paid for by an annonymous gentleman, purchases delivered by Johnny Depp and one Recontre Ocean scarf!

    This is my idea of Heaven..........
  15. I'll be first in line for the lime if they ever reissue it!