Reconsidering the outdoor ligne hobo or flap--after months of thinking of what bag

  1. will fit best in my lifestyle--and even putting back a gorgeous brown pocket in the city, I am reconsidering getting the brown outdoor ligne hobo. I know takeoutbox and maxter have one and seem to love it. Anyone else??
  2. hey leem,

    looks like youre still thinking about the outdoor ligne, anyhow, u already know how much i love it...but i just wanted to share that i've also purchased the flap in blk, can't wait to receive it. :wlae:
  3. Your picture is one of the main reasons I am thinking of the hobo! It is at my Saks and I am thinking of calling my SA and having that one put back instead of the pocket in the city. It would just fit my life so well because I need a bag that can be distressed and carried everywhere! Do you like the hobo style as well as the leather??
  4. i do like the outdoor leather, it's slowly developing a sheen, making it looking less rugged and casual as when it was newer. as for the hobo style, it fits a tonne - when i carry it to work, i stuff a big tupperware, shoes, wllet, a bottle of water, cellphone and keys, sometimes files which i fold (not completely flat, but sorta at a curve). Do note that when it's really stuffed, it can get pretty bulky.
  5. What do you think of it compared to your cabas? I just replied to your post on that. I love, love my black cabas and have always loved the khaki. And there is supposedly a dark brown coming, too!
  6. I recently posted a pic of my hobo...go to the reference section and look under Outdoor Ligne.
  7. Here she is!
  8. love the outdoor are you liking your hobo coldplayer?
  9. Love it...I can throw it around and never worry about the durability! It's great to own a Chanel that you don't have to worry about.
  10. There is not going to be a dark brown Cabas as far as I know. Someone posted there would be, but all that is brown for the Cabas is the khaki which is a bronzey brown.

    That said, I love my dark brown Outdoor tote! It's super durable; the leather is easily brought back to life with Appleguard Leather Care (conditioner) if too many scuffs appear, and VERY well made. The price is right too; $1625 for the tote - not sure about the hobo but it's not that much more. The flap is $1595.