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  1. I have a very well worn Birkin that I recently acquired and want to take it to Hermes to get fixed up. I'm curious how good of a job they are able to do with well worn bags and what the cost and time frame usually are for reconditioning. Thanks!
  2. Depends on the leather type and what kind of damage there is. Reconditioning right now is taking longer than normal in the US since the California craftsman is out for surgery and all bags are being sent to NY. Cost starts at $80 and goes up depending on what the bag needs. Could take 1 month or 6 months or longer...
  3. Thanks gazoo! I live in NYC, so the wait time will be shorter, but I dunno if I can wait a month to use the bag! :shame:

    Has anyone had their bag reconditioned by someone other than Hermes? Do you recommend it? What should I be looking for?
  4. Clopin - I reckon only use Hermes.....what leather is your Birkin? Box calf can be reconditioned really well, as can Clemence.
  5. 8 to 10 weeks in NYC and please don't use anyone else but Hermes, they can do irreparable damage to your bag.
  6. Ok, just got off the phone with Hermes. The time frame is 6 weeks. Not too bad.

    BTW, my bag is brown box calf, so it definitely needs the work! Lots of scratches.
  7. Yes only to Hermes!!!! It is REALLY not worth it to have it done anywhere else. If you really cannot part with the bag then I would use it for a while before dropping it off. In a month or two the wait may be shorter once the CA craftsman is working again and picking up the slack.
  8. I think they can do a fab job with Box leather, some old vintage ones practically shine after a visit to the craftsman. Good luck!
  9. Dont forget the before and after pics!