Reconditioning/refurbishing Chanel bags

  1. Hi everyone, can the Chanel boutique send a bag away for reconditioning/ refurbishing (or whatever the correct terminology is)?

    If so what can they do, repaint the hardware, mend the leather etc? Is it expensive?

    I'm asking out of curiosity since at present I don't own any Chanel bags.

    Thank you!
  2. Yes they can. Cost vary for what you are having done...You can replate the hardware, replace linings, repaint the bag, etc...I had a black flap with cornere wear sent in and it came back good as new for about $100. Also you can bring back any bag with proof that you bought it within the year (the recpt and they will refurbish/polish for free)! Gotta love chanel for doing that!
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    Thank you for the information!

    How long does the process take from sending in the bag to it being returned? Also is it only the boutiques that will take the bag or will the Chanel counter in the department stores take the bag too?
  4. I have only brought mine directly to the boutique. They usually say 3 months but I have always got mine back sooner, usually around a month.
  5. The chanel counters at the department stores will take them too. The wait is the same.