reconditioning questions

  1. Dear Leather-experts,

    I would like to ask your advise on how the following leathers can be reconditioned at the spa:
    -vache liegee

    Which one do you find best as an -every day-every weather- leather?

    Many thanks for the help!!!!!

  2. BUMP.

    I don't know enough to sound off, but interesting question. I have a lot of epsom, and while it's not everyone's favourite here by a long shot, I like it as a all-weather leather. It's rigid too, which I dig.

    Be interested to know if it can be reconditioned! :tup:
  3. I was also curious on a time frame - when you send your bag for a "spa treatment" how long does it take and are there any costs involved. TIA.
  4. It takes about 1 to 2 months depending on what needs to be treated and where they have to send your bag. Cost for a basic treatment is about 180 swiss fracs.
  5. I have a fjord bag, and have been told that it can be reconditioned to as good as new.

    H-Addict--When my chevre went to the spa, it took 6 weeks to get it back. Cost was $104--a little higher because they had to redye and retexture all of the corners.
  6. I just paid $200 for 2 box leather bags to be reconditioned... you might also check the leather stickie in the ref tab for info on each leather - very helpful! :heart:

  7. My poor bag was gone for good 3 months now. Something to do with all of France being on vacation for a whole month of August. Still anxiously waiting for Miss Birkin's return home.:crybaby:
  8. Not sure about the cost yet...
  9. All of your replies are greatly appreciated.:flowers: I was told by a lovely SA in Toronto Hermes store that they send bags to Paris to be "spa treated". So, I am guessing, six weeks to two months is about right then.
  10. I recently took my red CDC hac to ny. Claude looked at in and said the corners could be reconditioned to "like new". They quoted me 4-6 weeks and said it would only be $50 since he felt only the corners needed work and not the whole bag. I guess it differs based on condition.
  11. I t depends on your store, I. I have never been charged for re-conditioning, and all our bags get sent to Paris. I have had minor repairs and corners refurbed, and have never been charged. Your store may decide not to charge you. They can get a quote for you before the work goes ahead, if you like.