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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the forum, but I've been reading your postings on Chanel bags. They sure are educational. Thank you! Well, my first and only Chanel bag is the large tote from the Luxury Line. I use it a lot, so there are rubs in multiple areas. I am thinking about having it cleaned/reconditioned. The thing is I didn't buy it from my local Chanel counter at NM. Can I still have them do the work? Is it easier/faster to use a shoes/purse repair shop? Thanks.

  2. I love the luxury ligne :love: You can get any authentic bag reconditioned by Chanel regardless of its origin. If you bought it within the year, I believe they do the work for free. Otherwise, there is a fee that tops out around $280 or something for a total refurb. It is probably not easier and definitely not faster than a local repair place, but I think it's preferable because they should do a better job. I have heard some horror stories, but it's more likely that they'll know how to properly fix it and if they make a mistake you can chew them out until they make it right, whereas your local place can't really give you a new bag if they mess yours up. Be prepared for a long wait (months), but your bag should be as good as new!
  3. Over the weekend I just took 2 of my vintage Chanels in for leather refinishing and clasp replacement and they are charging me $110 and $140. They also told me that it will take up to 10 weeks. This is the first time I am sending it in to be restored so I hope it's a positive experience for me. IMO, I would rather trust Chanel to do the repairs then my local repair shop. Oh and both of these bags were eBay purchases and they took them.
  4. I heard and have seen really good results from the Chanel refurbishing.

    My friend took her white GST to Chanel and was charge 110.00 and it looks fab! My other friend took her white Jimmy Choo leather bag for the same treatment to the recommended shoe repair and was charge close to 200.00 and it does not even come close to looking like a good face lift compared to the Chanel face life.
  5. Thanks all for the replies! I'll take it to Chanel to report back on the experience.
  6. I left a mini hair spray bottle in my cambon chanel bowler and it leaked all over the inside, and the hair spray stain went through the bottom of the bag too. its a shame. If i take it to a chanel boutique, can they get that stain out or do something to get out water damage?
  7. So, if I buy a chanel purse on eBay and the leather needs to be redone I can take it to a chanel store to be reconditioned?
  8. And will it look like a chanel purse does?
  9. I put a water bottle in one of my bags and the cap wasn't on tight. Water seeped through the lining and stained the exterior leather. Chanel charged me $250 and when I received the bag back it looked brand new.

    I personally would only let Chanel repair my bags because they will guarantee the work.
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