Reconditioning Antique Glace leather.....

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  1. Evening ladies

    Calling on all you lovelies who are experts at caring and conditioning your older Mulberries (Slow, Plemont for starters!).....I am of course totally conversant with trusty old Collonil Waterstop for general maintenance - but I have a query about one of my AG Roxys which could benefit from a little tlc.

    My old black AG is in generally beautiful condition, bar the carry handles which have sort of lost their "glaze" and lustre and more or less reverted back to regular Darwin - in a nut shell, is there a specific conditioning product which will restore the shine, or, as AG is a special heat treated Darwin, is this rather tricky to achieve - I am more after a cosmetic result as the handles are in great conditionn structurally, but I suppose have dulled over time and the glaze rubbed off through wear and tear.

    Any solutions/ideas/thoughts most gratefully received.....:biggrin:
  2. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to care for a Mabel Maxi Fushia, people call it Light Antiqued leather but on the mulberry site there are no instructions.

    I have had mine for a few years and it gets ALOT of use, its looking a little sad, just wondered the best thing to treat it with, I dont want to loose the colour.

    Kindest Regards