Recondition: Gucci

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know how long Gucci takes to recondition a bag? I have a very rare Vintage Gucci Plus satchel that is 22 years old, and it needs re-piping, everything else is in great condition.

  2. Im not sure, but if you call in and aks, they will be able to give you an estimate...Good Luck :biggrin:
  3. She's right I've called about a bag of mine that I need to take in. You can take it to the store and they can give you an estimate of cost. It's better than describing over the phone like I did.;)

  4. Well I took it to the store on January, and the manager was like Whoaa, I've never seen a this kind of Gucci before. She was referring to the word "plus" inside the GGs. She also said that she has been with Gucci for 18 years and has never seen that bag. Well that bag was acutally from my mom and she got it in 1984, so that would mean 22 years.... And then she estimated the re-piping and said it would be about $100. But She didn't give me an estimate on the time frame....