Recondition Box Calf?

  1. I think I read somewhere (and as usual I can't find it now....:blink:smile: that H can recondition Box leather. Am I wrong about that?

    Also, does anyone know if one can purchase separately missing bag parts? Like a shoulder strap for instance?

  2. I think H refurbishes all bags and box is one that can actually be reconditioned as I've heard.

    It's possible that you can order a shoulder strap and missing bag parts. My SA tells me that if the handles of my bags get dark, H can make new handles.
  3. Thanks, LaVan!
  4. Hi D

    Hermes can do wonders with Box calf and no probs with purchasing replacement shoulder straps, clochettes, handles and even hardware in some instances (although they will not change gold to palladium hardware for example)

    If your local Hermes is not able to help, perhaps you can send it directly to Paris (I have the name, address and telephone of the lady who takes care of this if you are interested, just email me)

  5. Ditto LaVan...she is so wise!
  6. Thanks, usual you've got the answers!:flowers: :flowers:
  7. shopmom...I reconditioned my black box Bolide for the second time last summer. It tuned out pretty well. The handle is a little different in color because of so much use. The corners were still a little grey and not black, but it was passable. All in all the leather looks better and is softer now...really beautiful!!
  8. I have had two bags sent to NY for reconditioning. One was a box calf kelly. It looked great when it came back although you could still see the deeper scratches. The other I sent was a courcheval birkin. It had wear on the corners and came back looking a lot better. It cost $75 for each and they were back in 4 to 6 weeks. I sent them without their dustcovers and they came back with new ones.
  9. Lovehermes....what size is your box Bolide? Do you use it a lot? Also, does the leather soften with use and wear well?

    Wow...I'm asking just a boatload of questions here! Thanks for putting up with me guys!!!!
  10. Hi box bolide is black and a size 31cm with gold hardware. I did use it a lot when I worked in accounting. I wore it all seasons and it did get wet a lot but I wanted to not "save" it because life is too short! The leather is stiff and does not soften too much (does not lose it's shape), but the feel of the leather is softer and wears really well. I need to take pictures.
  11. Lovehermes....I LOVE how you've used your bag! When you use it like you have, it's worth every penny spent to buy it. That's what it's all about.....please take a pic! I'd love to see it.
  12. Yes...I love that bag soooo much...I will take pictures with my kodak throw away. Hope they turn out ok.
  13. shopmom...I have used my clemence Birkin too! I took it to my niece's preschool class and it got some light blue washable paint on it. It wiped off except for a little teeny tiny pinpoint dots which I'm going to try to get out with some leather cleaner. I could have had a blue jean Birkin if I painted the whole But the bags are there to use and enjoy. My mom always says "use it and get holes in it wear it out and then buy a new one". Don't save it.
  14. ^ LOL - my DH says something quite similar whenever I fret over a first scratch or nick on any of my leather goods. But his machismo version is "battle scars are good - means that it's been loved.":huh:

    Anyhow, good luck w/ the reconditioning. Hermes does wonders but don't do it too often because the color might fade over time...
  15. I've never had my box bags reconditioned yet, and I don't mind scratches and signs of wear in general, it adds to the character of the bag and helps build up the famous patina. The only thing that bothers me on box is the rain: I had a blue Kelly (that I very stupidly sold) and I got caught in the rain with it more than once, and you could actually see all the rain drops on the leather like little bubbbles...I tried all sorts of things to send them away, and with time it did get better, but they never went away completely...So, IMO, the only thing to be careful with box is water...:flowers: