recondition and refurbish

  1. I have seen a thread where somebody was saying that not all the leathers can be refurbished.
    I was wondering if this is correct and in case it is, wich kind of leather can be refurbished?

    Can all the leathers be reconditioned?

  2. Box leather can be completely refurbished. Other leathers can be cleaned and reconditioned.
  3. ^ I'm not sure to what exent but they could make it look A LOT better.
  4. * that kelly bag :wtf:
  5. Beautiful color!
  6. :yes: and i assume some replacements are needed (maybe handle and straps) but they can do wonders my mom has only three bags alltogether and refused to buy a new one ("hey they are friggin expensive and they can work them up so let them do it don´t trash what can be repaired") and her kelly and birkin have been refurbished and replaced she basically has a new bag (if you coun up all the replacement parts)but it looks like new all the time it comes back from paris
  7. How about chevre?
  8. these are good good questions. i am also enjoying the information.
  9. Lilach - I love that story! Your mom is so cute!
  10. thank you yes my mom is a sweetheart. she really uses her bags for everything and since ages and really all the replacements and refurbishments could have bought her new ones but no her bags are good and she alsways says "they are just getting older so pamper them from time to time and they´ll last a lifetime they are like good women and noone should dump a beauty just because she has some wrinkles ....get her botox and replacement hips :lol:
  11. lilach are your mom's bags, any or all, in box leather? this is great to hear.
  12. her kelly is box her birkin togo and her picotin clemence or gulliver(not sure of that picoton leather though ask her tomorrow)

    and her birkin well there is literally no original part left :lol: through the years they had to change and replace every little thing (the hardware the handles the top flap the front flaps the piping the bottom the bottom feet the stitching only the front back and side panels are the old ones and have been deepcleaned )
  13. ^ Wow! That is an overhaul! I love that Hermes can do this. It's always nice to get new bags, but our bags hold such memories when we carry them for years and you never really have to let go of an Hermes.

  14. a. your mom has exquisite taste.
    b. this is totally encouraging to hear. talk about insane value, this just raises hermes even higher in my esteem, if that's possible. to offer this service, of course for a cost, but just to offer it is totally priceless.