Books & Music Recommended Summer/Beach Reading

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  1. Second to my luv of handbags is my luv of books. I started another thread about what you'll be reading this summer. Here, list your top 10 recommendations for the perfect summer/beach read (if you can't come up w/10 - come up w/as many as you can!!)

    In no particular order, here are my top ten recommendations:

    1. THE NOTEBOOK, by Nicholas Sparks - if you haven't read this already you definitely should (I think it's one of the greatest "love stories" of all time and so much better than the movie!)

    2. THE SECOND ASSISTANT and/or THE FIRST ASSISTANT, by Clare Naylor - a fun "chic lit" book about life in Hollywood (lots of name dropping fun!)

    3. SOME LIKE IT HAUTE, by Julie K.L. Dam - a fun stylish look at fashion week in Paris (TONS of designer references here!!)

    4. LOVE WALKED IN, by Marisa de los Santos - Sarah Jessica Parker has the movie rights to this book & I hear it will be made soon.

    5. LITTLE EARTHQUAKES, by Jennifer Weiner - Mothers of all ages will thoroughly enjoy this book - a year in the life of four new moms.

    6. BEACH GIRLS, by Luanne Rice - I luv all of her books but this was my favorite summer read of hers.

    7. DEVIL WEARS PRADA, by Lauren Weisberger - even if you've seen the movie you should still read the book!

    8. SUMMER SISTERS, by Judy Blume - Loved her as a teenager, luved this grown-up novel.

    9. BETWEEN FRIENDS, by Debbie Macomber - mentioned this is my other post. One of my fav books of all time!

    10. THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE, by Audrey Niffenegger - Long, but definitely a great read. I've never read anything like it!!
  2. Many thanks. I love romances but haven't been reading books for a long time. Would definitely recommend anything by Mary Stewart if you can still get her romantic suspense novels (her romances were written in the late 50s to 70s).
  3. Do you have a favorite Mary Stewart book?

    Doesn't anyone else have any books they can suggest?
  4. 69 replies to a thread on vomiting and I can't get a single person to give a list of recommended reading?!?!?!

    Don't you guys like to read?
  5. I love the Shopaholic series (Sophie Kinsella), especially the first one. The Domestic Goddess by her was pretty good too. The Deadly series by Brenda Joyce, these are murder mysteries mixed in with romance. And on a less silly level, The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.
  6. Anything from Mary Higgnis Clark is a great read. I just finished "Where are the Children" and I just started "No Place like Home." I'm trying to read all of her books. So far, I've only read about 15 of them.
  7. Oohh...I love the Anastasia Syndrome.
  8. I know everyone goes on about Dan Brown, Grisham etc! But these books are interesting! Thanks for the recs, I have all of Sophie, looking forward to the latest baby one!
  9. I haven't read this one yet. It's on my list though.
  10. Great thread..thanks girls for the recommendations!
  11. ohhh sounds good! Esp 1, 3 and 4. During my vacation I started The Other Boleyn Girl...its very interesting!
  12. I didn't realize it was out already. Running to my local library this afternoon.
  13. If you like Mysteries I recommend pretty much anything by James Paterson. They are a pretty quick read which is nice for summer traveling.
  14. ^^ Yes James Pattersons books are a nice read. they have a really good pace to them.
    I am into biographies at the moment. I thought The Assination of Marilyn Monroe was really good and Janice Dickinson's book was good too.
  15. I really enjoyed the John Adams one by David McCullough that was pretty popular a few years back.