recommended shipping company

  1. hello all,
    i love to shop (guarantee we all do), online and offline. i stay home and school most the time so i shop online A LOT. i also a seller, i want to protect myself too. you know, transaction completed once the buyer RECEIVED and HAPPY.
    i only used USPS priority or EMS express (international) because they are fast and w tracking numbers compare to the cost. however, even w insurance, it takes forever to claim and they are really is a mess. i have bad experiences w USPS once, lost a camera worth 200 which i never got back.
    anyways, can you tell me which delivery company would you prefer, and which is worst you had experienced with.

  2. I use UPS (not only for convenience, my office has a pick up everyday) because their tracking is fabulous!!! Also, one time I had to make a claim. They were prompt and friendly. I've never used FedEx so I can't speak on that.

    I work in an industry that is constantly dealing with overnight packages incoming and outgoing. FedEx is not very reliable in my neck of the woods. Don't EVEN get me started on DHL.
  3. I received a huge toys R'us order for Christmas and they used UPS. Well one of my packages came a little bit open and when I checked I had 2 more packages inside that didn't belong to me (one of them was a huge bag filled with pills)
  4. Whoa.... that sounds really strange! A bag of pills!?! Like in bottles, or just floating around like a drug user's stash?
  5. :wtf: and what was that?
  6. It was like 8 bottle of pills (lipitol, antibiotics, etc) . I think they were from a mail pharmacy or something. They still around. I was going to take them but the ups store is a little far, I'm on Philadelphia PA and they were going to Virginia. :nogood: