Recommended SAs for Chloe E/W Ava in Moka color?

  1. ladies, ladies, ladies... i MUST say that TPF is REALLY bad for my blood...not to mention my wallet. :lol: since joining this forum, i've been re-addicted to fendi spy bags, developed a craving for dior saddle bags, reminded of my lust for the chanel 2.55 reissue handbag, and now... i am getting re-hooked on the chloe ava e/w handbag.

    i actually ordered the e/w as well as the shoulder ava bags, both in antilope, from this year. for some reason, despite the leather being utterly TDF GORGEOUS SOFT, i returned both of them. i think the color was not working out for me. :s (plus at that point i already bought WAY to many expensive items :biggrin:)

    but tonight during my TPF surfing, i came across the blog entries thread and saw the blurb that Meg wrote regarding the Moka e/w bag. and it occured to me that i should check out the TPF chloe forum. WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS because after reading all i can about the ava bag, i am now on a mission to find a nicely discounted moka e/w bag. :ninja: the moka is SO GORGEOUS irl! so...

    can anyone recommend to me some SAs at either Saks, Bloomies, or Nordies to call? Saks would be the best since there will be no tax charged if it's being shipped to me more than 50 miles away (i am in San Francisco). but i'll take whatever i can get! i'll be standing by awaiting to start the calls tomorrow (... i hope DB will step out of the house so i can call! :p) TIA!! :smile:

    and ReRe, if you are reading this: congrats on scoring this handbag along with the n/s one!! i hope you can keep both!! :flowers:
  2. Try calling Toni at Mall of America. She is excellent and very knowledgeable about Chloe. There is also Lisa Hamlin from Neiman Marcus (248) 635-8442
  3. Jamie at Bellevue Nordstrom is also great!
  4. Toni is no longer at Nordstrom MOA - her last day was Tuesday. I got a call from Marie at Nordstrom Bellevue and she confirmed the Ava's are 60% off. You could try her and see if she's been able to track any down. I heard they were pretty much sold out.

    Also - try Robert at Bloomingdales San Francisco and see if he'll price match Nordstroms. I got my medium Ava in Mocha from him and he price matched the 40% - don't know if he'll do the 60% off but it's worth a try. Good Luck!
  5. Robert at bloomies in sf. They're having additional mark downs right now so its 40% + an additional 15%.

    oops just read starbuxx post ^ already reccomended!
    btw, starbuxx they are doing price adjustments on the ava. If its less than thirty days you can get the extra 15% off.
  6. Thanks Ali - I'll have to pull out my receipt and see if I'm within 30 days. I didn't think the extra 15% would apply to Chloe - I was just in there yesterday. I wonder if it applies to Jimmy Choo - they are doing 50% off but I think they're exempt from Bloomies coupons.
  7. thanks ladies for your suggestions!

    does robert have a direct extension? i keep calling the general bloomies number in SF anbd keep getting redirected back to the receptionist. i guess no SAs are near the phones??

    btw, i have the 15% instore coupon for bloomie that exp on July 4th. will i be able to use that on top of the 40 + 15% off?
  8. called nordies in the meantime. there are no more ava e/w satchels in the system. :sad: does anyone have SAs for saks?
  9. I don't think Robert has a direct extention - I would keep trying. The Burberry and Fendi depts. are right next to Chloe so you could try asking for someone there and see if they can track him down. I don't know if he's in today. I don't think you can use the 15% off twice but check that with Robert.

    Have you checked Net a Porter? I don't know if they still have it in stock but it was on sale.

    I don't have any Saks SA's but I'm sure someone will post with a recommendation. You should be able to call any Saks and have them check the system for availability. Good Luck!

  10. I called bloomies. The 15% can be used towards the sale chloe items:nuts:....
  11. jackpot with Saks!!! whoo hoo!! i pretty much called every saks by going down the list from the website, of all the stores. it took me a while, but i finally found a store that had it! whoo hoo!!!! the cost was $840.35 and with shipping it came out to $853.35!!!!! yay! no tax!!!!!!!! it's not as cheap as nordstrom but it beats the NAP price (thanks for letting me know about NAP starbuxx). i can't wait for my moka ava to arrive! :yahoo:

    btw, i couldn't reach robert at bloomies (don't know if he's there or not).

    ali - that's great that you can apply the 15% towards the chloe bag!!! :nuts:

  12. Congrats:tup: So glad you found your bag!!!
  13. I just bought one from Bernadine at Saks Orlando, and she had another one, it was around $840, I believe it came to less than the bloomies deal
  14. We will have twin bags now, the picture Megs posted got me as well.
  15. Yay you found one! $853 is a great price for an $1800 bag - you can't beat it!