Recommended SA's at Barneys Beverly Hills?

  1. :P Hi guys :smile:,
    I'm just wondering, do you guys have any recommendations for any SA's at the Barney's in Beverly Hills? I'm thinking about dropping by there to look at their bags as well as to put myself on the waiting list for the 2007 spring colors..:yes: but I've heard horror stories about their customer service... I don't want to give my sales commission to a crappy sales person who gives me attitude..:cursing: but I'm sure there are still some that are nice and understanding..if you can please give me any suggestions as to who I should ask for at Barney's Beverly Hills, that will be greatly appreciated! :wlae:

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    I ordered a Rouge Vif City for pf-er Bev (cause she lives in Australia), and although I do live in So Cal, I live in Dana Point (Orange County) so I did this by phone. I was really nervous about getting a bag Bev would like. I spoke to a gal named Rachel and I asked for a bag with no veiny appearance, no blemishes, and soft leather. She was pleasant to work with over the phone and she picked out a beautiful bag exactly as I asked for! Good luck!
  3. Audrey. :yes:
  4. well if a tall blonde chick walks over to you, walk the other way, I dont remember her name but she was AWFUL! she actually asked me if I was done deciding on a bag when I had 2 in my hand, because she wanted to show them to someone else. rude! My daughter bought her Ink Box there and then took it upstairs to pay for it so someone else got credit for the sale.
  5. ^OMG that lady sounds horribly glad your daughter decided to let someone else get the credit...

    thanks guys for your help! =)
  6. I used John, sorry I don't remember his last name, when I bought mine. He was really kind and patiently waited for me to choose between the Ink and Cornflower.
  7. Javier is excellent! But I haven't been there for awhile, so i'm not too sure if he's still there.
  8. I am reviving this thread as I need my DH to get me something from them, has anyone dealt with someone recently there that they could recommend please. Thanks!
  9. john helped me last time i made an order over the phone, he was really patient with me and wasnt rude at all (which tends to happen when asking for info over the phone, you know how picky we can be with our bbags!):yes:
  10. :flowers:Thanks so much Tamy!:tup:
    Exactly the kind of SA we need when it comes to our Bbags and their variances! Even more so when I'm asking my DH to do the task!:smile:
  11. Audrey is the absolute best.
  12. John is my favorite - no attitude whatsoever, patient and nice.
  13. John or Audrey! :tup:
  14. ITA - they are both super sweet and patient! no attitude whatsoever :yes:
  15. i vote for john....nice guy wt blond hair? i think he is new there (went there last month). other 2 gal sa's are :cursing: