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  1. Heather is super patient and nice, always responsive to the text.

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  2. Jessica Bernal at Neiman Marcus- Ladies’ Shoe Salon in Walnut Creek CA. She helped me with my espadrilles purchase. She was helpful and super nice. She even helped me with looking for Chanel earrings!!

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  3. I'm glad Heather is on here. Super lovely girl. :heart:
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  4. Carmen Thompson is my SA at the Neiman Marcus in Walnut Creek, CA. She is so sweet and always tries to find just the right bag for me. 2018 has been a BLAST thanks to Carmen ;)

    She knows me so well. My last purchase was a light beige medium flap from the cruise collection. It is perfection! She is amazing at knowing what will melt my heart, LOL!

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  5. Jessica Perez Louis Vuitton Costa Mesa and Jennifer Hues Chanel Costa Mesa. Both at South Coast Plaza.
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  6. Anyone looking for an awesome SA in Los Angeles I recommend JD from the Robertson Chanel, he is so patient and so helpful, he made my first Chanel purchase an awesome experience!
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  7. My SA in Jeffrey New York is Marshall at 917-756-6154. :tup:
  8. I really loved working with coralie in the Rue Cambon store!
  9. Eric Buenabad at Nashville Nordstrom 562-506-7210
    Hisaka Ajifu at Ala Moana Chanel 808-201-2036
  10. I had the pleasure working with Cormac at the Chanel boutique at the Brown Thomas location in Dublin Ireland. I worked with him twice and I highly reccomend to work with him. The best experience I had at a Chanel yet.
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  11. +1!!!!!
  12. Stefy at Wynn Las Vegas. She helped me while I was on vacation in Vegas. She's fun, energetic, helpful, patient, responsive to text.
  13. +1 for Petra!!! I actually got her contact information from this thread & she was so lovely in helping me get my mom’s purse for Mother’s Day. Since she didn’t have it in the store, she was able to source it out to a different store and get it for me. She’s amazing and I’d highly recommend her to anyone. Hopefully I can meet her one day! :heart::smile:
  14. Renee at Chanel Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive. Shannon the Asst. manager too. Both amazing ladies.
  15. I highly recommend KASHIF at Neiman Marcus Hudson Yards NYC! He answers all of my questions in a timely manner and sends me pictures and even videos of the bags I look for. Super nice guy too.