Recommended SA @ Tyson’s Galleria?

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  1. Hi, can anyone recommend a good SA at the Tyson’s boutique? Looking to buy a bracelet in a couple weeks. Thank you :flowers:
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  2. Marianna Huberman! Shes the boutique manager and the sweetest person working there. I think they're all pretty sweet except for one older lady that works there (I think shes Persian, though I'm not certain) with a short bob. She is rude and unhelpful
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  3. Margaret is amazing as well, she's so patient and sweet. I hemmed and hawed for weeks over my first tank and she was lovely every time my indecisive a** walked into the boutique. Naturally I quickly ended up with two timepieces in rapid secession lol she's fantastic
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  4. Honestly, they're all wonderful, both there and in Chevy Chase.
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  5. I just got a letter in the mail stating that Chevy Chase is closing! I love Rhiannon there and I hope she gets transferred to Tysons!
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  6. Ida Petrossian is the best!!! I’ve had to sit in with a few other SAs and Ida has proven to be the most patient and helpful.
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  7. When do they close?
  8. Will they be following the rest of the Collection at CC boutiques to CityCenter?
  9. I believe Jan 12 was their last day.
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  10. I'm not sure. The letter didnt mention them opening a new store at City Center. There is a new Tiffany (opening later this year) and Bvlgari there already.
  11. I happened to be helped by Ida when I went in the other day and she was so lovely from the moment she approached me, even though I was dressed kinda frumpy after a long flight and it was close to boutique closing. I didn’t purchase anything but she sent me off with water and chocolates. I will purchase from her when they have my bracket in stock!