Recommended mascara wand type for asian eyes?

  1. I have the typical asian eyelashes (at least I think they're typical) which are short and grow straight down.

    There are so many different types of wands and mascaras that I'm not sure where to start. If I want my lashes to curl up, do I want a wand that's straight, curved and do I need a brush or a comb type wand?
  2. Try lancome L'extreme or Lancome Cils 2 steps.. they work wonders to my eyelashes long & curl.. use lash curler if you want more curl.. but they work fine without curler
  3. Try curling each set of lashes twice. On one eye, curl at the base of your lashes (as close as you can without it hurting); and then curl again near the ends of your lashes.

    This new brand I'm trying, called Imju Fiberwig was the best seller in Japan. I ran into it at Sephora and I thought I'd give it a try since I also have asian lashes. They're usually sold out so you might have to try different locations, but it's the best I've tried!
  4. I think you'll get better results if you just target one problem, like better curl or more volume, cuz I personally find those 'all in one' packages never work well. I really like Lancome's Fatale and Hypnose mascaras for volumizing lashes.
  5. what you can also do is heat up your curler with the hot heat from the blowdryer, works everytime!!
  6. I just got the Fiberwig and i love it!!!! It is the best I have ever tried as well. You can order it online.It makes your lashes super long and it washes off with no black marks on your towel.
  7. ^ Sephora doesn't sell it here in Canada, but I was lucky enough to run into one when I was in the U.S. I should've stocked up!!
  8. I would go ahead and get the YSL mascara. I personally think it works the best for us. I have recommended all of my girlfriends and even my mom now-we are all addicted. I typically to thru one per month.
  9. For mascara, I like Dior Show.

    For wand types, I prefer the curved wands.
  10. I use the Maybelline great lash with the really teeny tiny brush. It helps to get to all the eyelash hairs. And it's a straight wand too.
  11. DiorShow is the best!!
  12. I have used several, Maybelline the waterproof XXL one i think its great enough and resaonable price but it still gets panda eyes!! Lancome, one of the top seller? i would say it isnt too bad but i dun think its working the most of it yet...with that price...Helena Rubinstein, which im currently using water proof one, its realli water proof even abit hard to remove...! its abit pricy maybe but i think worth it!!

    i heard Fasio? a japanese brand, their waterproof is excellent too and not too expensive...