Recommended LV Ebay Sellers

  1. I thought this would be a great idea for making recommendations and for leaving feedback on eBay sellers of authentic LV items. Between us all we're a pretty big bunch of buyers, and knowing how hard it is to find authentic items and great sellers, to keep a list of the ones we've had great transactions with could really help. I have recently asked for authenticity checks on a few eBay items and had others mention that so-and-so seller is great to deal with and has been noted to sell only genuine items, and this is a great source of information that isn't being captured. For those of us who are new to LV, having a list of great sellers would be a very helpful starting point in buying authentic LV online.

    What I thought would be a good template is to make one post per seller, with their name written in bold at the top of the post. Having one post per seller would make it easy for others to search for feedback on that seller, without coming up with long posts on multiple sellers.

    Underneath the heading, give feedback and comments on:
    • How well they represented the item - this includes their photos and description;
    • How they were to deal with - whether they were helpful with questions and photo requests, overall communication and speediness of replies, etc;
    • Comments on shipping - promptness of shipping, reasonable rates, etc.
    • Whether they are a powerseller or eBay store with multiple LV auctions, or a seller with a one-off item. This is helpful as a starting point of sellers to look up for LV items. If they have a store, it would be neat to post their ebay page for others to check out their items.
    If you have had multiple transactions with that seller already, then say so in that post, and you could perhaps mention how reliable they were over several transactions. If you later have another transaction with a seller you've already posted on, just make another post, since we can't add onto past posts after a few minutes or so.

    If anyone has any other ideas of possible things to mention then make suggestions - I've only just thought this up now, and would like to know what others think of the idea anyway. Should everyone like this and think it's a worthy idea, and if everyone is keen to contribute on a continuing basis to keep it going, hopefully it could become a sticky and a permanent source of reference.

    Franks. :heart:
  2. Linda*s***Stuff

    I've just bought an item from this powerseller this morning. I've not received it yet so will post again later, but so far:

    Communication: Fantastic. Has automated responses for invoice and receipt, but upon asking a couple of questions I received very fast and friendly replies.

    Description and photos: Could have had more and larger photos, but description was good. Will give further reports when item on hand.

    Shipping: Cost was good for international express shipping with insurance. Not cheap, but pretty much exactly what I'd expected.. I don't feel overchared, anyway.

    Other info: Sells on consignment, often has other high-end designer brands too.
  3. Timeless LV

    Have bought one item from them, and had such a great experience that I now check out their items daily and will definitely buy again!

    Communication: Brilliant, fast and friendly, and very helpful.

    Description and photos: Excellent photos! Very professional photos almost look like stock photos, but they post around 10 large shots from every angle of each piece, so show every aspect of an item. Descriptions of every item I've seen of theirs includes patina, watermarks, scrapes, etc. Very comprehensive.

    Shipping: It's all sent FedEx for international shipping, but rates were good and I was glad for the reassurance of item tracking. Item was very well packed, receipt included, and little card too.

    Big thumbs up. These guys list new stuff daily, and are tops to deal with.
  4. Just wonder if it's allowed? Someone in eBay board ever asked for such this thread and other not allowed her, they said it's potential to be drama ( such in other boards ) :confused1:
  5. Ahh.. okay.. that would be a shame. I pm'd Vlad about it earlier so see his thoughts, right after I made the thread, but haven't heard back yet. Someone will know either way and post soon I expect. :smile:

    COMMUNICATION:outstanding,very friendly every step from receipt of payment -shipment

    DESCRIPTION & PHOTOS:very very clear,accurate,lots of pictures and detailed

    SHIPPING: reasonable considering they are shipped from japan w/ insurance & tracking

    EXTRA NOTE: packaged beautifully and carefully.took extra

    OTHER INFO: sells mostly Epi bags
  7. e.j.kollection:

    Have bought one item from them, a 10yo Speedy 35. They have more for sale right now, and each auction has individual photos of each actual item rather than repeats.

    Communication: Very friendly and helpful, fast to reply. Really nice to deal with.

    Description and photos: 9 photos of all angles of my item. Photos were only 'regular' ebay size, but bag was well represented. Description includes condition of vachetta, marks, scuffs etc.

    Shipping: Sent EMS with tracking number, also posted link to tracking website and emailed me to let me know she'd put 'used handbag' to avoid customs fees. (it was used)

    Wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again. She lists a small number of LV items reasonably regularly.