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  1. #1 Jan 27, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2010
    I have $100 in ebay bucks that I need to use soon. My collection right now consists of only very high end bags (mainly totes and smaller hand carried bags). I've been on a bag ban since September or October. I would like to put my ebay bucks towards a great black hobo in the $200-$500 range (pre-owned is fine). Any recommendations? I generally go for classic styles.
  2. What about something Gucci?
  3. How about a Rebecca Minkoff Nikki?
  4. You mention your collection of handbags are only high end. In that case, why don't you consider buying a wonderful BV wallet instead of another bag?
  5. The Nikki might be an option. I think Gucci is a bit out of my current budget. I've been thinking about buying a BV wallet, but I really want a black hobo. I would actually really love a BV hobo, but I'm trying to keep my spending in check because a lot has come up recently.