1. hi all,
    if price isn't an object (up to 800) which kooba would you recommend and why? i have the sienna, jessie and natasha...i don't want a very heavy bag, but want a great everyday bag, somewhat trendy, but classic as well...would love some thoughts!
  2. You could easily get two Koobas for $800. :smile:

    How 'bout an Elisha and a Carla or Marcelle?

    I think they are all staples of Kooba's designs, and are trendy yet classic, IMHO.
  3. I'd get a Carla, with $800 you could get 2!;) (I want both Black and Chestnut...)
  4. What about a Brynne? I think it is classy and sexy, sexy, sexy.....
  5. The Elisha in red would be my choice, stylish, feminine and colorful.
  6. An Elisha in Red also. It's just perfect! And then with the rest of the money I'd buy a Jessie.


  7. i'd like to get the elisha in this a very heavy bag? thanks...

  8. Not at all...very lightweight. It's a beautiful bag.