Food Recommendations Please!


Nov 6, 2009
So my SO's bday is coming up quickly this month, and I want to take him out to a really nice restaurant with amazing food, romantic environment/atmosphere yada yada yada. So I was hoping maybe one of you ladies/guys can recommend a nice restaurant. I live in Southern CA in the OC area, so LA, Newport, Laguna and etc. would all work! My price range is around $200 for the two of us, and no alcohol since we're both underage. Thankss so much!


Jan 31, 2010
I do not live near you nor have I ever been there but I find most restaurants through You can book reservations there are there are tons of reviews from other diners. You also get points everytime you book a reservation and after a certain amount of points you get a gift certificate that can be redeemed at any restaurant who uses opentable. Sorry to not be of more help but I guess some generic advice is better than no suggestions