Recommendations Please!

  1. I've been really stuck to Coach lately but I think I might give Dooney a try. What would you recommend be my first purchase? What represents everything you love about Dooney?

  2. Difficult question! I love Dooney precisely because there are so many different colors and shapes to choose from.

    I like the Medium Tote ($205 on as it has a nice tote shape and is big enough to hold stuff


    I love their leather drawstring bags. The bottom is rectangular, not almost square, and fits under the arm well. ($265)


    The annalisa, a slouch bag with a lock ($275)

  3. I love the signature bags, but if you are a Coach lover, you'd probably like Dooney's leather bags better. Their leather is really nice.

    I have a bunch of the treated fabric bags, and I think they get a bad rap, like they're cheap-looking, because I love those bags. They withstand any abuse you could give!

    Anyway. My favorite is my signature, treated fabric bucket bag. Purchased from QVC for around $130.
  4. Oh, and Merika, how do you like that drawstring bag? I have been thinking about making that my next D&B purchase--hopefully in the zebra print!
  5. I have the beige leather drawstring bag and I love it:heart:, I love the leather. I also have one of the signature edition collection.
  6. I don't own a drawstring, but I've worn one in the store and checked it out. I like how you can leave the drawstring tightly cinched, more loosely drawn or completely relaxed. Each way gives you a bag that looks completely different.

    If anyone is comparing this to the LV Noe / Petite Noe bags, the LV bags have bases that are almost square, while the DB drawstring has a rectangular base, and therefore fits better under the arm.
  7. check out the it collection