recommendations on REISSUES PLZ!!

  1. I am thinking getting black metallic reissue size 227 with silver hardware but
    I think gold hardware seems pretty too. I cant decide which one should I get!!!!!
    PLZ any recommendations!!!??:heart::heart::heart::sad:
  2. i like it w/ silver (my Saks sa told me they call it 'ruthenium') - it just seems that silver-toned hardware would match the metallic better. i think black and silveris a classic combination but still young.
  3. Go with whatever suits your wardrobe more. Do you prefer a black bag with gold or silver hw? The gold pops more but silver is easier to wear IMO
  4. well, so should I stick with my first choice? :crybaby:
  5. I have a lambskin classic flap with gold hardware.
    I usually wear black, grey, and or silver? TIA!!
  6. silver then, so u have more variety ;)
  7. Is the lambskin flap also in black? If so, I say silver!!
  8. i like the metallic black with silver hardware. its a nice contrast and gives the bag an edgy overall look~
  9. actually both are pretty! I wish I have both! Haha......but
    since u already have a bag with gold h/w, then can get one with silver
    UNLESS y
    ou think the gold is nicer then, yes, get gold and
    get silver for some other bag in future.
    :graucho:Hope I am not confusing you.:graucho:
  10. i prefer it in gold h/w as i'm expecting my anniversary black reissue in gold h/w too. Love the combo~
  11. I love both the gold and silver and can't decide either.

    Does anyone know if Saks will be getting the black metallic reissue in the size 227 size?
    I have some gift cards that would work well toward that if they are :smile:
  12. I prefer SH.I think GH is too right-in-your-face...besides you've already got a bag with GH.
  13. I vote for gold chain! That's because I've recently bought the 227 Metallic Black with gold chain..and I am totally in love with it. Gold makes the metallic black stand out and makes the whole bag look more eyecatching. Somehow, the bag is really versatile and I use it for both day and evening outings. However, if you go for silver, that is also a beautiful option. You will love your bag with either chain. Goodluck!
  14. black + silver = :love:
  15. silver with metallic black - definitely