Recommendations on red wallets

  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking for a medium size red wallet. Any suggestions on which brands other than LV, prada or gucci? pics welcome.. thanx..
  2. What's your price range if any? How big of a wallet are you looking for? Checkbook? French?
  3. I would look at hayden harnett...they have some really good wallets and some good shades of red.
  4. When I was looking for a new wallet a few months ago, I almost picked up the balenciaga mini-compagnon in tomato. It's gorgeous vibrant red, but I decided to go with the violet instead.

    The wallet in general is very functional. Enough space for my cards, cash and receipts, and I can keep things very organized.
  5. I second the Balenciaga suggestion in tomato! I don't have the wallet, but it looks gorgeous!!
  6. Kate Spade makes some great red wallets.
  7. tango red
    Hayden Harnett.

    Rudy red
  8. It really depends on you, but I like the ruby red...